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For each item please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements by selecting appropriate option.

Very Good Good Average Poor

1. Do you think that our student is well equipped with professional ethics & moral values?*

 Adequate    Moderate    Good    Average  

2. Current syllabus cultivates the necessary life-skills among the student *

  Average     Satisfactorily    Partially   Unable to Cultivate 

3. Are you satisfied with the academic curriculum learnt by students? *

 Excellent    Good    Average   Poor 

4. Does the curriculum nurture co-operation and mutual understanding among the learner? *

 90%   75%   60%   Less than50% 

5. Does the scientific approach amongst the beneficiaries is learnt in the curriculum? *

 Yes   No   To some extent   Not at all 

6. To what extent the global issues are made known to students? *

  To great extent    To some extent     Partially    Not at all 

7. To what extent are our students being aware about social and economic needs? *

 90%    75%   60%   Less than 50% 

8. To what extent does the present education system arouse the qualities of entrepreneurship among students?*

 To great extent    Satisfactory    Poor    Not at all 

9. Does the syllabus develop student’s attitude to become life time Achiever?*

 To great extent    To some extent   Satisfactory   Not at all