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For each item please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements by selecting appropriate option.

Very Good Good Average Poor

1. The content of syllabus is *

 Adequate   Satisfactory    Inadequate   Very Vast  

2. Your views regarding syllabus learnt *

  Challenging    Adequate   Inadequate   In appropriate 

3. To what extent advanced & modern topics are covered in your syllabus? *

 Fully   Moderately   Partially   Not at all 

4. The step by step incremental topics covered in the syllabus you studied *

 Excellent   Very Good   Good   Average  

5. Desirable moral values and professional ethics are covered in the syllabus *

 Strongly agree   Agree    Disagree   Strongly disagree 

6. How do you rate the availability of the present study material or books for syllabus? *

 Plenty    Sufficient    Inadequate   Not available 

7. Whether course objectives are clearly achieved? *

 Significantly   Well Framed   Marginally   Not at all 

8. To what extent soft skill content are covered by syllabus? *

 100%   85%   50%   Below 25 

9. To what extent do you feel the syllabus helped you to become Achiever in Life? *

 75 to 100%    55 to 74%    30 to 54%   Below 30%